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演讲稿当前位置:优文网实用文演讲稿 英语演讲稿 地震我要投稿投诉建议英语演讲稿 地震时间:2012-02-28 13:30:56演讲稿我要投稿s("content_top");英语演讲稿 地震Since we enter the 21st century,the spirit of cooperation has become more and more important.Win-win is a popular word. In this way, one plus one is actually bigger than rather than just equal to two.In this highly developed society,the progress of science and technology is the result of cooperation.The Human Genome Project is a good example.More than 1000 top scientists from different countries have participated in the great project. Every scientist may be a one,but one plus one, the final result is much greater than two.The theme of our society is not competition, but cooperation. Every stage of practice shows that people with spirit of cooperation or team work will win success much more easily than those without the spirit, and a country or region will develop faster and better if cooperating with the outside world instead of self-enclosed. We can benefit from each oher if we create value together.We must correctly handle the relationship between cooperation and competition, and learn to cooperate with other. We need to make one and one bigger than two.The terrible disaster caused more then 40075 inhabitants deaths and countless injured up to18:00 May 20th. The 8-day search-and- rescue efforts have put more strain on peoples nerves. Many Chinese spent the agonizing week following news on TV, on net, or glancing over newspapers and on public transport during rush hours. Even strangers exchanged information on the updated death toll and the latest outcome of rescue missions; cheered for every survival narrowly escaping hell; mourned each new death; and prayed for the strong lives still trapped in the debris. But hope is dimming as time is running out. So many people lost their lives in a flash, so many happy family become destitute and homeless far and near, so many buildings collapsed without any hesitate, the earth cracked, and even worse, it rained while others try to rescue them…I can not image how sad a child will be that she or he turn out to be orphan after this earthquake.Or the old lost all her offspring in this earthquake.People begin to wonder what they can do to help those who are still suffering.What else can I do? has been the question on everyones mind since the deadly quake hit Sichuan Province.After all, only a few warm-hearted volunteers could access the front lines of combating disaster considering the complicated conditions and fear of potential calamity. People can be seen everywhere lining up to make donations. In many cities, blood banks have been reported up to saturation; and volunteers wishing to donate blood have to register and wait for to be notified. More and more people are eager to be involved in the rescue and relief work that they are becoming unsatisfied with the disaster-relief efforts made outside of the quake-ravaged areas; and volunteers are descending upon the worst-hit areas in growing numbers.It is pity that there are a lot of disasters in this Olympic year. This year, we, Chinese people, really have suffered a lot. however, we have not been defeated, instead, weve become more united and show great resolution to overcome all kinds of challenges to make our country more thriving and prosperous.When people shout slogans Cheer up, China!, Cheer up, Wenchuan! after a three-minute silent tribute to quake victims, at the Tiananmen Square in central Beijing,I know that the nightmare of the 8 days gone by will fade from the collective Chinese mind with time;and I could see the Chinese longings to rebuild a better future with dauntless perseverance and national esprit de corps !s("content_relate");s("content_bottom");演讲稿图文推荐《弟子规》的演讲稿爱国是一种强大的责任演讲稿文明伴我行演讲稿创造文明校园演讲稿s("related_top");英语演讲稿 地震相关文章s("related_bottom");上一篇:初中英语演讲稿下一篇:积极向上英文演讲稿s("right_top");最新文章s("right_mid");猜你喜欢关于地震的作文防地震安全知识教育主题演讲稿英语演讲稿四川大地震作文四川大地震作文地震中的父与子教学反思英语励志演讲稿小学生英语演讲稿关于英语教师的演讲稿地震中的父与子教学反思地震中的父与子教案地震中的父与子教学设计初中英语演讲稿中学生英语演讲稿小学生英语演讲稿唐山大地震观后感s("right_bottom");声明:本网站尊重并保护知识产权,根据《信息网络传播权保护条例》,如果我们转载的作品侵犯了您的权利,请在一个月内通知我们,我们会及时删除。Copyright©2006-2021 优文网 unjs.com 版权所有document.write();document.write();

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